I am an American male citizen. I have retired from the workforce because of age and disabilities. I am a military veteran of the Vietnam Conflict. From injuries I sustained at that time I am now 100% disabled. I am retired from a law enforcement career. I spent a number of years working with canines. This was my favorite part of my career. I am from the state of New Jersey. I worked in Manhattan, New York City, NY. After my retirement we moved to the desert southwest to the state of Nevada. We live in Clark County just outside of the Las Vegas area. Since my retirement and move I have rescued many German Shepherd Dogs from kill shelters and euthanasia. We have had up to four living here at one time. I take these dogs that have mental and physical disabilities, bring them into my home, give them a loving environment, training, healthcare, and our attention. All have thrived here and lived out their lives in comfort. My Wife and I do this to “give back” to these faithful GSDs who serve humans constantly and completely. I also like fishing, boxing, Ahrens Fox fire equipment, poker playing, cooking, beer, wine, and my life here in the Nevada desert areas.